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The CORE Team

The CORE Team

Ration Square is a student-run initiative started by Anvi Mittal that aims to bring students from schools and communities, across Bangalore, to raise funds and ration kits in these testing times. We believe that collectively, the student community has great potential and this must be leveraged. 


Christina Paul, Vice President

As someone aspiring to major in economics and politics, my definition of a dream-come-true is addressing and trying to solve problems like injustice, poverty, and inequality.  With the current situation, the cause behind this project- hunger- is one that’s close to my heart. This project provides food for those who are unable to provide for themselves, a cause that helps the helpless, a task which might seem herculean, but which could surely make a difference.


Riddhi Bansal, Vice President

I'm extremely passionate about the subject Psychology, and plan to pursue the same. I believe having an insight into such a deep subject gives me an advantage as I can comprehend people, and social situations better.  The opportunity of participating in this project gives me a chance to play my role as a responsible citizen and to do all within my power to help the very building force of our country. My role is a humble attempt to make these hard times easier for those suffering.


Anvi Mittal, Founder, and President

Extraordinary times need extraordinary efforts. As a student aspiring to study mathematics and statistics, I have always believed in the power of numbers and its application all around us.  The wonders in collaborative efforts are truly remarkable and I wanted to leverage that by bringing my student community together. In times of a catastrophe, getting food on our plates is never the biggest concern for people like you and me. Sadly that's not the case for all. Ration Square was born with the intent of providing square meals to those who are always the first to bear the brunt of any disaster. I want to continue striving for such compassionate causes and make them a way of life, so our society can have lesser hungry stomachs. 

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