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RATION SQUARE + Mercy mission campaign 2021

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Mercy Mission is a coalition of 25+ NGOs in Bangalore. Much like Ration Square, they have worked towards providing ration for migrant labourers. Now as we face the crisis of the second Covid-19 surge, Mercy Mission has been a pioneer in raising funds towards combatting oxygen supply shortages. All funds donated to Ration Square now will go towards helping Mercy Mission in their mission of  expanding oxygen distribution and ambulance networks. Funds will also go towards providing primary and tertiary care at HBS hospital.

This is a 100% not for profit campaign, and we will disclose the use of proceeds in a transparency report which will be sent to all contributors to the campaign.

To know more about Mercy Mission, click here

To pledge your donations for this cause, click here.

Donations can be made through GooglePay or PayTM to +919980517516.

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